If hopping in the shower every morning is one of the best parts of your day, you’ve already heard the name Moen. They’re the final boss of shower heads and have earned their place among the bathroom elite. Don’t worry, we know how silly that sounded but it’s true.

Moen’s products are designed for everyone. They thorough study groups of people to help deliver the most satisfying of products. If you live in an upgraded home, you probably already have some Moen spread from kitchen faucet to the bathroom sink. Don’t you think it’s time for to make your daily cleansing even more enjoyable? We do, so we created this list of the best Moen shower heads to help you find what fits best.

List of the Best Moen Shower Heads of 2019

Moen S6320 Velocity Two Function Rainshower Shower head Review

Anyone else think that these names are starting to sound like auto performance parts? At least they deliver with unbelievable performance. This is rated the best rainshower showerhead out there and is notorious for being Moen’s best product. It’s 8-inch head and perfectly designed trajectory pours a gentle and completely warming shower. It’s built for an extreme smooth water full that hits the body just right and makes it a very relaxing shower.

Moen Incorporated 21313 Fixed Mount Shower head Review

Among the most popular because of its extremely lower price, the piece comes with an easy rub-clean nozzle and site in a fixed position. If you’ve got a bench in your shower or enjoy the water beating on you to wake you up, this is for you. We’ve polled this shower head as our favorite because of its great function at only $25. This is the best bang for your buck type of shower head. You wont find another as good as the moen incorporated mount showerhead.

Moen 23015BRB Banbury Handheld Showerhead

Before you ask, it doesn’t come with a digital display. That’s immediately the first thing we think of when we see the word ‘handheld’. It’s sleek design and bronze material create a luxurious shower. This is perfect for the upgraded bathroom or individuals like you who want full control of the water power and spray.

Moen Digital Showerhead

Finally, a name we can resonate with, and it sounds tech savvy too! If you haven’t tried a digital showerhead before, start with this one. The material that makes a lot of modern day computers is the same material that constructs this bathroom masterpiece. You’ll feel like you step into a shower from the future every morning. Shower are typically are time to just relax and maybe the only time of day you get to yourself, so why not enjoy it with the Moen Digital Shower Head.

Moen S112EP Waterhill 10″ Eco-Performance One-Function Rainshower Showerhead Review

We didn’t forget about the eco friendly you! This water conscious piece comes in a modern chrome design and is big enough for two people! It has a 2.0 GPM flow rate which means that your 30 minute shower only consumes the water of a 20 minute shower. It’s size, design, and earth aiding function make it one of Moen’s best sellers.

Moen T3292BN Align Moentrol Showerhead Review

So maybe you’re not looking for extravagant or pricey, but you still want something that looks decent and functions well. This one’s for you. It’s perfectly inexpensive and brushed with nickel moentrol so that it looks great in almost any bathroom. Oh, and it has all of the fantastic qualities of any Moen product.

Moen 6300 One-Function Easy Clean XL Showerhead Review

Don’t worry, the box doesn’t actually say that. Can you imagine having to say that every time someone asked about your shower head? It’s a mouthful. Thankfully, where they failed in name length, they made up by 10 times in functionality. It’s extra large size and always easy to clean head make it ideal for the individual who enjoys being absolutely smothered in water.

Final Thoughts

There’s not one best shower head for everyone. If there was, they wouldn’t make so many right? We did the best to provide something for you. Take time to figure out what it is you want most from your shower and find the right tool for you. We promise it won’t take long to install and you’ll feel just a little bit better waking up or going to bed every morning. Do yourself a favor and get one for every bathroom. You can thank us later, after you have to force yourself out of the hot water. Thanks for checking out or top Moen shower head reviews.

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