When it comes to saving money each month, there are a few techniques you can try. Eating out less, drive less, turn off more lights in the house, and other things that can make you crazy as you get closer to the end of the month. But, what about saving money by using less water? Off all the utilities and constant spending that we have to do to live in a modern world, water is sometimes the hardest to quantify. We need it to drink, cook, clean; it’s pretty much impossible not to use water every day (and I’m not sure I’d want to be around someone who hadn’t been near any form of water for a while!), and it is expensive. Every time you turn on the faucet, flush a toilet, or take a shower, money is literally flowing down the drain and away from your bank account. What if you could save some of that water, and in turn, save money every single month? That’d be great, right? Below is a list of some of the most popular ones right on Amazon.com.

Best Shower Heads for Low Flow Guide 2019

Saving money by saving water is actually a pretty easy and affordable way to start. Low flow shower head systems are some of the cheapest ways to start saving money on water immediately. And think about it: There are gallons of water that you use when you shower each day that are essentially useless, not doing anything for you, and just falling into the drain. Shower head systems make it easy to save money and make the most of your showers, and today, there are good shower heads that even make it easy to not have to sacrifice a relaxing shower for a lower water bill.

Recommend Shower Heads with Low Flow

The first shower head system that would be great for someone who is unsure about making the switch from their regular shower head to a shower head is the High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head. Starting at the affordable price of $34.95, this High Sierra Shower Head promises not only a 40% water savings, but also significant savings in the energy it takes to heat the water you use, whether gas or electric. It’s also one of the highest rated shower heads at there. At that price, you almost can’t afford not to want to make the switch.

Next on the list of great shower head systems is the Niagara Earth Massage 1.25 GPM Shower Head. Niagara makes great shower heads, and particularly nice low flow and water saving shower heads, and the Earth Massage is a great shower head to get your savings started. It’s also one of the most water efficient shower heads on the market, with just 1.25 gallons per minute, saving you on both your water and energy bills every month. The Niagara Earth Massage also starts at the insanely low price of around $8 for the shower head. No joke. Eight bucks to save you up to 30% on the energy and water that you’d normally spend for your showers.

Like I said before, there are a lot of different ways to save money on your bills each month. But the easiest, and certainly one of the cheapest ways to save money each month is by getting a low flow shower head system. As a society, showers are here to stay. The high water bills each month don’t have to.

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