Best Filtered Shower Head Guide 2016

We took our time to create this guide to help find you the best shower head filter for the money. Buying a shower head with a filter would be a great investment that would only cost around $50 depending on the showerhead filter you choose. If you’re unsure of some good shower heads that include a filter or a filter extension check out some of the one we have listed below.

The Ultimate Water Filtered Shower Heads 2016 Guide

What is a water shower filter?

A shower filter can either be built into the shower head or can be an extension piece that connects to your current showerhead. What this shower filter does is remove impurities from water. It’ cleanses the water and removes minerals and chlorine from the water that might not be good for your skin and hair. It’s the same process people use in their house to clean their water so it’s safe to drink.

Why use a filtered showerhead?

  • Improve skin and hair health. Depending where you live and how bad your water is, this can greatly increase your hair and skin health. The chlorine in the water can damage the skin and hair on your body and also cause you to have irritation or even dry skin.
  • Removes the chlorine.  Chlorine is a chemical we use to kill bacteria in water and helps prevents us getting diseases like E coli and other bad germs. However, it also strips off your naturals oils on your skin and in our hair and damaging them. Just think about it, we take showers every day and each time we shower without a filter we are damage ourselves.
  • The smell. Again, depending where you live and if you water is really bad and has a slight smell, having a filter can eliminate this smell. Nothing is better than taking a clean shower with fresh, germ free and clean water.

Reviews on Filtered shower heads

Culligan Filtered Showerhead

The Culligan showerhead water filter is one of the best-sellers currently and only cost $30. When it comes to getting the best deal for the money, you can’t go wrong with this showerhead. On top of that, it has a rating of 4.4 from over 1,500+ buyers and 500 of them have gave it a 5 stars, the highest possible.

This high quality shower head removes 99% of all chlorine while reducing Sulphur odor. It has a 10,000 gallon life span and needs to me changed with a new one. It includes 5 spray settings and also a massage spray for relaxation. Lastly, it’s easy to install! No tools or experience necessary. Just unscrew your old one and screw in your new shower head with filter!

WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filter System

If you’re looking for a fancy and nice looking shower head that include a filter, the WaterChef SF-7C is one of the best shower heads to buy. It has a super powerful chlorine filtration system with thermal guard. It’s 100% test and certified by NSF for chlorine reduction. It includes your most popular 5 spray setting and pulsing massage mode.

It’s got wonderful chrome polished finish that will look very classy for any shower you install it in. It’s an easy to install shower header with no experience or tool needed. You might want to your some shower tape once replace your showerhead so you won’t get a leaky shower in the future.

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