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Best LED Shower Heads That Light Up

Taking a shower should be something we look forward to when we wake up or when we get home from work. Having a cool LED shower head that light up might be something that feel you more relaxed or you just want to have.  Whether you’re looking for a color changing one or a solid color showerhead, there are several different colors and types to choose from.

These cool shower heads require no extra installing. They are simple to install just like a regular shower head and take about 10-15 mintues for installation. Without further due, let’s check out some of the most popular lighted up shower head reviews people are recommending on Amazon.

List of the Best LED Shower Head Reviews 2016

PictureShowerheadPriceOur Rating
Ana Bath LSS5430CBN 4 Inch 5 Function LED Handheld Shower and LED Showerhead Combo Shower System, Brushed Nickel Finish$$$$5.0 (Best-Seller)
DreamSpa 1483 Temperature Controlled 3 Way Color Changing LED Dual Shower Head System, Chrome$$$4.7
HotelSpa® SpectrumTM Ultra-Luxury 7-setting / 7-color LED Handheld Shower-Head with Chrome Face. 7 colors of LED Lights change automatically every few seconds.$$$4.6
LED Colors 12 Inches Top Shower Head Chrome Brass Rainfall Over-head Sprayer$$$4.5
DreamSpa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing 5-Setting LED Shower-Head by Top Brand Manufacturer! Color of LED lights changes automatically according to water temperature$$$4.4

Types of LED shower heads

When it comes to choosing a new light up shower head there are few different features you might want to know about before making your decision. After all, you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on something you use on a daily basis and no like it.

LED Color Changing shower heads are one of the most popular ones people like. The Multi changing colors rotate through different colors every few seconds depending on the brand and settings it has to offer. There can be a variety of colors to choose from and once again this depends on the showerhead model and brand. If you’re looking to buy a new LED showerhead, I would recommend using Amazon where each specific shower head will tell you the colors it changes.

Hot & Cold light up shower heads are one of the coolest things ever if you ask me! These smart shower heads light up red when the shower hits a certain hotness or degrees and blue when the water is cold. And even sometimes, depending on the lighted up shower head you choose it might even turn white of the perfect temperature. These are some of the coolest shower heads that are becoming very popular in your typical household shower.

Single Color Shower heads are just like as they sound obviously. You strictly only have a one solid color that is the color of your choice. They don’t rotate or nothing, It’s simply just one color! So make sure you pick a color you’re not going to get tired off! On the bright side, these shower heads are the cheapest LED showerheads you can buy.

Reviews on Best LED shower heads

Dreamspa Ultra Luxury Extra-large 8 inch Rainfall LED Shower Head with 5 Settings

LED Shower HeadThis Dream Spa LED showerhead has an amazing rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 on Amazon. For $50 you get a huge 8” rainfall shower head that lights up depending on the temperature of the water. How the water temperature and color breaks down;

Blue: Cool (below 95° F)
Green: Warm (95° F-109° F)
Red: Hot (109° F-122° F)
Flashing red: Warning (above 122° F)

It also includes 5 different high powered settings which include; Water Saving Pause, Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydro-Mist, and Economy Rain. It has all the latest technology and features you can find in a shower head that lights up and last over 10 years, so changing the bulbs will never had to be your worries.

All in all, Dreamspa Ultra Luxury Extra-large 8 inch Rainfall LED Shower Head is one of the best for in its price range. You get it all, quality, LEDS, features and easy installation.

HotelSpa Spectrum Ultra-Luxury Disco Color-Changing Handheld Shower Head

LED Shower HeadsOne of the coolest features about this shower head is that it runs off of water! That’s right, unlike that shower head from above you don’t need any batteries for this one. It’s like having a disco ball as your shower head.

It’s a 7 color changing shower head that rotates and blend into the next color for the cool night time shower effect. You get your typical 7 setting water settings that you prefer while taking you relaxing shower. You can easily connect and hookup this new shower head in matter of minutes with no experience or tools needed. It’s so simple anyone can easily replace their old shower head with this new light up shower head that changes colors.These are great shower heads for kids because they love the color change!

The Verdict

Color changing shower heads are becoming more and more popular amongst the young people. If you’re someone who likes something different and want to try something to and relaxing I would suggest trying out a LED showerhead and see how it is! You don’t always have to have the LED light on but when you do it can be relaxing especially at night time after a long day of work and you want to take a dim night shower and clear you’re mind.

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