How to Change Shower Head Video Tutorial Guide

Most of the best shower heads are the same now a days and can be easily replaced quickly. However, some rare occasions you will need to do a little extra work. You can tell just by looking at your showerhead if it just screws off like most of them do. If that’s the case replacing your showerhead will be very quick and simple. Here’s a video below to show you how easy and quickly a person without any knowledge or tools can do this.

How to Change Shower Head Video Guide


Steps to change your shower head

Change Shower Head How ToIf you’re looking to change you’re showerhead it can be done in a few simple steps most of the time. Replacing your shower head every so often is good and should be done. Whether your changing a wall mounted shower head, ceiling mounted shower head, filtered shower head, or any type; it’s possible for you to do.

  • Step one – Before even buying a shower head I would recommend you check your current one and make sure it’s one that just screws of and can replaced by just screwing another on.
  • Step two – Unscrew the shower head by simply twisting it off like you would do for a light bulb. That’s what we are pretty much doing here by replacing the shower head instead of a light bulb in simpler terms.
  • Step three – Now you grab your new showerhead and simply screw it in where you unscrewed the old one. Depending on the shower head you bought compared to your old own you might need to buy some extension pipes if you went from a wall-mounted to a ceiling mounted. These pipes are all just screw and go! No need to need tools or a handy-man to come over and do it.

Thanks for check out our guide on how to change your showerhead. If you’re still struggling check out YouTube on your shower setup and I’m sure you will find hundreds of video that can help you replace your shower head. Feel free to leave any comments below and we will do our best here to help you out in every way we can.

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