Jean Paul Gaultier: Best Summer Cologne 2017

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How do you know its Summer time? The hot shining sun is starting to rise early and spreads its golden glow to the eager leaves of lush-green trees. The sky is the bluest it’s ever been even if there are clouds; they are usually as fluffy as cotton candy and all the annoying insects are out, in full force under strict orders to harass you at every opportunity.

In summer you want a scent that is not overpowering yet still maintains character. A good summer cologne will only reflect clean and fresh notes but the best summer cologne will have deep musky notes that inspire visuals of entwined limbs in silk cotton sheets. It going to let off nothing but good vibes when you walk into the room. Below you can find more information and detail about this cologne and what base notes are in the mix.

Jean Paul Gaultier Review

When you are attracted to someone you feel excitement and a rush of pure adrenaline ensues as you work up the nerve to talk to that alluring someone.  Once you have charmed and cajoled to get the coveted phone number then the feeling of pure sweet triumph lingers for the rest of the day.

These three emotions can perfectly sum up your journey of scent discovery with Jean Paul Gaultier Summer Cologne. Its one of our top mens cologne we sell throughout the summer time!

  • Top Notes- an exciting minty note which blends enticingly with fresh green leaves
  • Middle Notes- a punchy rush of ginger blends boldly with cardamom and subtle sandalwood
  • Bass Notes- a sweet vanilla prevails with hints of lavender and the musk lingers victorious towards the end

Summer time everything thrives and is in full bloom so you need a fragrance that mimics that feeling of rejuvenation. Take a whiff of Jean Paul Gaultier Summer Cologne if and when you are ever able to test this remarkable fragrance. After inhaling (the cologne not weed) you will agree with all the customer reviews that sing the praises of this scent reminding them of ‘sun, ocean, and beach with golden sand’.

In a nut shell, this is the best summer cologne out there if your intention is to recreate summer with just a scintillating and desirable scent.


The Jean Paul Gaultier is a well reputed name and known for its top quality. This lingering scent is fresh yet spicy sweet so it is worn best for your ‘play’ time where you let yourself be free and be one with nature. You can wear it to the office with a suit-and-tie look however it may be slightly fun-scented so beware of the urge to dance or daydream because the scent is empowering. You may feel inclined to fire your boss or laugh for no reason in staff meetings. Rather keep this light invigorating scent for casual moments, vacations and dates.

A scent of a man is a heady thing; other men need to emulate you in some way and women look at you like you are their favourite dessert. A great scent that blends well with your natural musk will complement and enhance your confidence with the power of smell. This is one of those cologne that you can make your signature cologne for when you want to make an impression with the lady. For the price I would say it’s a great cologne you would want to add to your collection.

Jean Paul Gaultier Summer Cologne is the best summer cologne because the scent does what a summer scent needs to do…allow you to be you.

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